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All products used for waxing are from Cruelty free 'Hive' brand
both crème wax and hot wax is used dependent on the area being waxed.
Benefits of waxing are:
*Quick removal of unwanted hair
*Wax that is gentle for skin
*Waxing lasts weeks rather than days like shaving
*Helps eliminate irritation & stubble caused by shaving
*Hairs will lessen over time with waxing by getting sparser, thinner & slowing down growth & stubble caused by shaving


Waxing Areas

Face: - Hot wax only used in this area, due to it's gentleness 
*Eyebrows - £10
*Upper lip - £6
*Chin - £8
*Cheeks - £10
Body - A combination of strip crème wax and hot wax will be used
*Underarms - £12
*Forearms - £14
Half leg - £15
Full leg - £25
Standard Bikini line - £12
G-string line - £15
Brazilian - £30 (45-60mins)
Hollywood - £35 (60mins)
Please let me know if you require pricing for other areas of waxing
Waxing aftercare:
Please see my aftercare page for aftercare details.

Tinting enhances the appearance of your natural eyelashes or eyebrows by tinting colour onto these areas. This helps darken which helps the lashes or brows to help them look thicker. We use a range of colours.

Benefits of Tinting:

*Helps darken light hair

- Enhance general appearance of eyes

- Great for people with known sensitivity to make up

- Good for sporting activities, especially swimming or for people who are short on time to apply make-up daily

*Please note a patch test must b done at least  48 hours before any tinting treatment to reduce the chances of having an allergic reaction to the tint. 

* Eyelash Tint  - 30 mins - £12    
*Eyebrow Tint - 15 mins - £10
*Eyelash & Brow tint -  30 mins - £20
* Brow shape & Tint - 20 mins - £18
*Brow shape & Tint & Eyelash tint - 45mins -£30
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