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Terms & Conditions




Terms and conditions



Cancellation Policy


There is no charge for cancelled appointments or rescheduled appointments as long as I have 24 hours’ notice before the time of your appointment was due to take place. Anything with less than 24 hours will be charged at 50% of your treatment. To cancel please call or text 07896292827 and leave a message if I cannot answer. You can also direct message me on Instagram or Facebook 24 hours before your treatment also.


I understand sometimes things are out of our control, therefore it is up to my discretion and whether I can rebook your appointment slot as to if you are charged especially if it out of character for your bookings and it has never happened before.


No show for appointments


If you fail to arrive for your appointment with no contact, you will be charged 50% of your treatment, which must be paid before future appointments are booked in.


Change to treatments


If you have booked in for more than one treatment and wish to reduce your treatments for that appointment, please allow 24 hours’ notice to myself for appointment reduction to ensure you are not charged a fee.


If I have to cancel your appointment


If in the unfortunate event, I have to cancel your booking I will contact you as soon as possible with alternative dates and times. Should I give you less than 24 hours’ notice of your appointment, a discount will be applied to that re-booked appointment for your understanding in the matter.


Arrive timings


Please make a note of your appointment time. I block out 15 mins between each client to ensure safe sanitation of the salon, so please arrive on time to your appointment to ensure smooth running of all appointments.




At this moment in time, I can only accept cash or bank transfer please make sure this is available at the end of a treatment or if you wish to pay before an appointment, you are welcome to do so.


Children at appointments


Unfortunately I cannot accept children in my beauty room unless it is to provide a child beauty service, this is due to me providing a treatment on an adult and not being able to fully supervise children at the same time where chemicals or equipment maybe present and my insurance will only cover me for children if it is a child based appointment.    



Consultation, Medical History & Disability access


I try to cater for as many people as I can however sometimes there are exceptions due to the safety aspect or my client’s wellbeing where unfortunately I cannot carry out a treatment. If you have a disability, please contact me to discuss if I can carry out your treatment safely and what I could alter to make it possible. I do have private parking on site and my beauty room is situated on the ground floor.


A detailed consultation will take place before every treatment to check that you have no conditions that may contra-indicate a treatment making the treatment unsuitable for you. I ask you to be as honest as possible on the consultation form as some treatments are unsuitable for a reason, this reason might be it will affect medications you are on or cause you issue. If you know you are on medication or have an illness you can check with myself before booking or get Drs permission ahead of a treatment or asking for anything within the treatment, I should avoid e.g., Diabetes – I may not be able to cut or perform cuticle work in a Manicure or pedicure as you would be at high risk for infection.  


Here is a list of treatments that may require a doctor’s note before treatment begins, this is not an exhaustive list:


*Medication for acne or a skin condition

*Medication for blood thinning


*Skin diseases

*If you have previously had a stroke

*Uncontrolled High blood pressure

*Autoimmune conditions

*Lung, heart or kidney conditions

*In remission from cancer

*Recent surgery (6 months-1 year depending on operation)

*Pregnancy after the first trimester- only then suitable treatments and products can be performed with a doctors note to confirm suitability of treatment

*If you are within your 1st Trimester, under-going fertility treatment or had problems in pregnancy previously you may be limited to treatments I can provide even with a doctors note.  

*Currently have cancer, whether receiving treatment or not.


Please contact me should you have any questions regarding this list or anything not mentioned on it. Please note it is your responsibility to disclose any condition or illness you have, to provide a doctors note for me to go ahead with treatments and follow any aftercare of recommendations given. Aftercare will be provided in your preferred method either by leaflet or message and it can be found on my website Aftercare page for reference in the future.


I take every possible care to make sure I follow safe practice, so I accept no liability for any injury or illness you may incur through my treatments unless it is as a result of my negligence. This includes your failure to inform me of any conditions which may result in an issue or not following appropriate aftercare.

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