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Please see a selection of retail products for sale, these must be ordered with myself due to ordering with suppliers as I do not keep stock in the salon at the moment. Turnaround time will be
 7 to 10 days. 

*Eve Taylor Skincare Kits - from £22.00 - £31.50 each

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Skin Care kits include a Cleanser 50ml, Toner 50ml, Eye gel or cream 15ml & moisturising cream or lotion 50ml. 
I can let you know via online skin consultation or during a facial which range would be suited to you. 
Eve Taylor Massage Candles - £16.00
Eve Taylor's beautiful candles will be burning throughout my treatments. Should you wish to order your own the scents and prices are below. These candles can also be used to massage areas of skin once burning. Simple scoop a bit of the melted wax out and add to the desired area of a warm scented massage. 
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